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Timothy Jordan

My Story

I am the Founder and CEO of Lincoln Search and Rescue Inc. I developed this non-profit organization and spent the last several years of my life training with my German Shepherd Dog; SGM Lincoln. With 6 years of training in Search and Rescue/HRD; we are certified to conduct these operations. There is a definite need for this type of work on many scales. Forensic detection can be used to find missing persons, complete evidence collection, and locate individuals in disaster areas, or remote locations, among many other uses. In my life, I have witnessed many situations of individuals who have gone missing only to be found months or even years later in areas where a Well Trained K9
Search Team would have been successful in locating them. I believe that this should NEVER happen. I could not imagine the pain of having a family member, friend, or someone I love; go missing. Then, to never have any closure about what happened to them. This thought alone is why I founded LSAR.

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